Kommerling 76

Kommerling launches its most innovative product: the Kommerling 76 system. This system marks a before and after in terms of the technology used and achieves a perfect balance between energy efficiency and a light design of straight lines.

Kommerling side opening systems are the answer to today’s architectural challenges by combining advanced designs with the best technical features.

Kommerling 76, which is intended for both doors and windows, goes beyond the company’s current systems, offering significant advances and improvements: with 6 watertight chambers, it achieves a Uf value of thermal transmittance of 1.0 W / m 2 K in a profile of only 76 mm in depth and a light visual appearance, optimizing, in turn, the materials used and the manufacturing processes.

Side Opening System

. Fixed (or collapsible): The sheet opens by rotating on the vertical axis;

. Abatible (horizontal rotation): The leaf opens rotates on a horizontal axis;

. Oscilobatente: It allows the leaf to open in two ways, combining the previous two;

. Pivoting aperture: Leaf rotates around a central axis, usually horizontal;
. Foldout: The leaves collapse against one side of the opening.